Eszter Hargittai

Eszter Hargittai

Professor in the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research

University of Zurich

Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research and Adjunct Professor of the Communication Studies Department

Northwestern University


Title of Keynote

The Voices of Many or Just a Few? Inequalities in Online Participation



Eszter Hargittai is Professor and Chair of Internet Use and Society at the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research of the University of Zurich. She is Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University and Adjunct Professor of its Communication Studies Department. She is also a Fellow of the Center for Media, Data & Society of the Central European University in Budapest (Hungary). She received awards from several professional associations including the International Communication Association’s Outstanding Young Scholar Award. For her teaching, she received the Galbut Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award of the School of Communication at Northwestern University. She has published 55 peer-reviewed journal articles and 20 book chapters. Her work has been featured in numerous popular media outlets in the United States and internationally. Her research looks at how people may benefit from their digital media uses with a particular focus on how differences in people’s Web-use skills influence what they do online. She has looked at these questions in the domains of information seeking, health content, political participation, job search, the sharing of creative content and privacy management.

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